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Frequently Asked Questions
  • keyboard_arrow_down What is The Lincs Pass?
    The Lincs Pass is a savings card for Lincolnshire which entitles members to exclusive offers at some of the best attractions, cinemas and restaurants across the county.
  • keyboard_arrow_down How long is the pass valid for?
    The Lincs Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • keyboard_arrow_down How many passes do I need?
    Each pass covers one passholder whose name goes on the pass. Only they can claim the discounts. Most of the attraction deals entitle members to getting a 2for1 on entry or a discount. One pass secures one 2for1 deal - perfect for two people visiting. A family of four would need two passes to get two all deals.
  • keyboard_arrow_down Are there any restrictions on the offers?
    Yes, there can be restrictions on certain offers but we outline the different restrictions on the individual deal pages.
  • keyboard_arrow_down Can I use the Digital Pass on the app in the same way as the plastic pass?
    Yes you can!
  • keyboard_arrow_down Can the offers be claimed 7 days a week?
    Most offers are valid 7 days a week but there might be restrictions so please check the individual deal pages for any restrictions.
  • keyboard_arrow_down Can I use the pass during school holidays?
    Most deals are valid during the school holidays but it's important to check the individual deal pages for any restrictions.
  • keyboard_arrow_down Do I have to live in Lincolnshire to buy an Lincs Pass?
    No, it’s great value for visitors to the county too. In fact you can make your money back on the pass in just one visit at some attractions.
  • keyboard_arrow_down Whose name should go on the pass - mine or my child's?
    It depends how you plan to use the pass eg if it’s usually you that accompanies your child(ren) to attractions and you also want to use the pass in your local shops, your name is best. If lots of different people take your child(ren) out for the day, it might be better to put the pass in your child’s name.
  • keyboard_arrow_down Can my business join the Lincs Pass?
    At the Lincs Pass we’re passionate about supporting local independent businesses. So if you run a business or an event and you’d like to work with us, please do get in touch by email or send us a message via Facebook.
  • keyboard_arrow_down Do you run any fundraisers?
    Yes we run a fundraiser for schools in Lincolnshire. Let us know who to talk to in your PTA and we’ll be happy to send them the information.
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